Apr 05 2004

You may say I’m a dreamer …

Rajiv @ 10:37 pm GMT-0700

September 1997, I created my first homepage here. I had this grand vision of a slick front page from which a visitor could navigate to pages about my favourite tools, the music I listen to, life in school or some tips and tricks. Unfortunately, 7 years and 4 thousand hits later [all of which were probably mine! ;)] I still never got past the “under-construction” page!

As I start this blog I have a similar grand vision … a flash/TreeMap visualization based front page, neat graphics made with GIMP, clean pages with CSS … oh what the hell!! Only this time I hope to get the content up first!! 😉 … lets see how far this goes!

Update:I am not sure why some search engines are directing folks to this page, but what you are searching for most likely is the song titled Imagine by John Lennon. Buy/preview mp3 | View lyrics