Jul 06 2007

Neal Gafter’s proposal for constructor type inference

Tags: , Rajiv @ 1:59 pm GMT-0700

Neal gafter has proposed that java language include Constructor Type Inference in order to reduce verbosity. So what was

Map<String,List<Thing>> map = new HashMap<String,List<Thing>>();

looks like:

Map<String,List<Thing>> map = new HashMap<>();

Though there is an alternate proposal to deduce the LHS type instead, like:

map := new HashMap<String,List<Thing>>();

I find Neal’s proposal more appealing and more natural to java. It feels so Java, that I have already used it thrice since morning only to be surprised by IDEA’s warnings! So, if anyone is counting votes, +1 from me.

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  1. Neal Gafter

    That makes it 1 pro 0 con.

  2. Jed

    2 Pros

  3. alex

    what if
    HashMap a();
    compiled exactly as
    HashMap a = new HashMap ();

  4. Neal Gafter

    FYI, in C# 8 we’re going a step further with constructor type inference:

    Map<String,List> map = new ();

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